The online course on Gandhi and Children is introduced to children by the Department of Gandhian Thought and Peace Science and Museum of Constructive Programme of Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhigram Rural Institute, (Deemed University), Gandhigram. This course is launched in 2006 - 2007 as a part of the Golden jubilee celebrations of Gandhigram Rural Institute. 




    To disseminate the values and social responsibilities through Gandhiji’s life stories  and


   To reinterpret Gandhiji’s ideas and works to inspire and prepare the children for  building peaceful future society.



Curriculum Design

            This course contains twelve lessons from Gandhiji’s life history. Simple, thought provoking and creative questions will be given at the end of each lesson. Every month, at least four lessons should be read and questions should be answered.  The candidate should write the answer and send them to  The answer will be corrected with due comments and sent back to the candidate with the scores.  The issue of certificate will be based on the sum total of scores obtained by the candidate for the maximum of 100.




Children of the age group 11 to 14 can join this programme.




Duration of the Course

Those who join this course will have to complete this within three months time. On successful completion of the course, a certificate free of cost will be issued by the department.




Whom to Contact

All correspondence and reply to questions should be sent to



Course Profile

Lesson 1 

Truth and Truthfulness


Truth and Confession

Lesson 3

Forgiveness : An Act of Nonviolence

Lesson 4

Self suffering as an act of Nonviolence

Lesson 5

Simple Life

Lesson 6

Inter-religious relations

Lesson 7


Lesson 8


Lesson 9


Lesson 10

Preach what you practice

Lesson 11

Non-possession (Sharing of wealth)

Lesson 12








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